Visual & Compiled

Rift is a programming language that compiles visual representations to machine code focusing on performance and build times.

Get Started Releases

Open-source LGPLv3 Licensed. Why?


Views provide different visual representations of code, the main one being graph nodes.


Builds using LLVM to platform specific assembly.


Access to low level optimization.
Compiled to machine code.

Build Times

Rift's architecture focuses on providing fast iteration and build times.

Safe by default

Safe and simple language features by default, while exposing all tools needed for more complex code.

C & C++ Compatibility

C and C++ code is understood as Rift code thanks to Clang.
No manual bindings.

Other Piperift Projects


Pipe is a cross-platform utility library used as the foundation for Rift.

Unreal Engine Plugins

Save Extension
Actions Extension
Attributes Extension
Factions Extension