A preset is an asset that serves as a configuration preset for Save Extension.

Within other settings, presets define how the world is saved, what is saved and what is not.

Default Preset

Under Project Settings -> Game -> Save Extension: Default Preset you will find the default values for all presets.

Default Preset

This default settings page is useful in case you have many presets, or in case you have none (because without any preset, default is used).

All settings have defined tooltips describing what they are used for. Check them moving your mouse over the property.

  • Gameplay: Configures the runtime behavior of the plugin. Debug settings are also inside Gameplay. Check Saving & Loading
  • Serialization: Toggle what to save from the world.
    • Compression: This settings can heavily reduce saved file sizes, but adds an extra cost to performance.
  • Asynchronous: Should save & load be asynchronous?
  • Level Streaming: Configures Level Streaming serialization

Custom Presets

Setting a custom Preset

You can define which preset to use in editor inside Project Settings -> Game -> Save Extension

Active Preset

Because presets are assets, the active preset can be switched in runtime allowing different saving setups for different maps or game modes.

Creating a Custom Preset

Creating a Preset

You can create a new preset by right-clicking on the content browser -> Save Extension -> Preset

Per-actor settings

Each actor blueprint can have its own configuration which is edited directly inside the blueprint:

If you can't see "Save Settings" window opened it can be manually opened from Window -> Save Settings

Save settings

Save Settings

  • Save: If false, this actor will be completely ignored while saving. Disable this on all actor classes you don't want to save for performance.
    • Components: Should components be considered for saving? (Most components will still not be serialized for performance)
    • Transform: Should save position, rotation and scale of this actor?
      • Physics: Should physics be saved? Transform is required to be enabled to save physics.
    • Tags: Should save actor tags?</img>

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