Saving & Loading

Early concepts

Save Manager

The save manager is in charge of loading, saving and all the rest of the logic (auto load, auto save, level streaming...). It will be initialized the first time GetSaveManager gets called. Usually at BeginPlay.


Get Save Manager


When we say slot we refer to the integer that identifies a saved game.

This slot identifies a saved game even during gameplay, meaning that if an slot gets loaded it will be "active" until we load another slot.

With this we can for example do "SaveCurrentSlot" to pick the current slot if any and save it.

Auto-Save will also save the current slot, and Auto-Load will load the last current slot


To save a game you can just get the Save Manager and then call SaveGame to Slot

Save to Slot

Save into certain slot

Save Game to Slot

Save Current Slot

Save into the last slot that was loaded

Save Current Slot

Save Game from Info

Saves a game based on a Slot-Info (Check Slot Infos)

SaveGame from Info

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