Quick Start

Quick Start will show the basic steps to follow to setup the plugin and start using it at a base level.

Setting Up the Project

We can start by creating an empty project (How to create UE4 projects) or instead using your own. Then installing the plugin from marketplace or inside Plugins folder (See Installation).

If everything went right, we should see the plugin enabled under Edit->Plugins->Piperift

Plugin Enabled

Using the Plugin

Save Extension requires minimum setup. The only thing you have to do is to call Saving and Loading. Therefore as an example we will make a level-blueprint save when we press R and load with T.

Lets start by opening the level-blueprint of the scene we want to use:

Open Levelscript

Then we add the following functions:

Save & Load

Save Slot to Id will save the world into slot 0 and override if another save was there.

Load Slot from Id will load world from slot 0

Something to save

Player's rotation and location will always be saved (unless you disable it from Configuration) but we can also add to the scene some actors to be saved. They could save variables, physics, positions, etc.

Saving a variable

To save any variable inside an Actor or Component we can just tick "SaveGame" on its properties:

A simple Variable

Variable Properties

Save Game

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