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Piperift is a spanish independent game studio that strives to push the boundaries of game narrative in order to create new experiences that players have never seen before.

In other words, we love telling stories.


Piperift was founded in March 2016 by Miguel Fernandez,
after he decided to start developing MrBrian, a first person stealth game. He teamed up with more developers and worked for six months on the prototype, without any resources, space or money.

They wanted to create something new, that's why they decided to pause Mr.Brian and commit to finishing a game from zero in just one month. Etereo
This gave us the opportunity to work with new people and discover more about ourselves. But more importantly we had a finished game!

After Etereo they started working on another great project called
Before you Die, a 3D fast-paced roguelike shooter.
This time the development continued for 3 months, allowing them to evolve even more as professionals and providing them with new tools and resources to add to Mr.Brian


Mr Brian


Ethics is about being aware of what we are. (Albert Jacquard)

Mr. Brian is a first person stealth game in which we will play as Brian, a neurologist who has been kept locked in some scientific facilities controlled by an A.I self-named “The Conscious”. Brian’s morality will be continuously tested in a escape full of mystery and self-discovery.

A travel in which nothing is what it seems.


Madrid, Spain
Release Date:
Late 2018


PC, Consoles





Mr Brian

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