Attributes Extension

Attributes Extension is a lightweight plugin that adds a very intuitive, easy and flexible attribute system to UE4.

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Why Attributes?

This plugin is not a damage system, or a spells system, not even a combat system. It only, strictly, provides variable, non-destructive and efficient attributes to UE4. This is its only task, and it does it very well.

It can be very easily integrated into custom game systems like buffs, areas, spells, abilities, or any other kind of gameplay mechanic.

What can it be used for?

Almost every game needs attributes. They are floats that can be changed, modifiers can be added and removed while ensuring the value is not lost.

Values like Damage, Max Health, Speed or Attack Rate usually need to be attributes in games like Skyrim, TBOI, World Of Warcraft... well a LOT of games.

What I want to reach with this is, that every game is different, gameplay systems like "Spells" or "Effects" are never the same, but attributes are. They share a common start point.

Has it been used before, is it stable?

We like to share the tools we create for our own.

Attributes have been used for more than 2 years internally and between different projects.

Is it performant?

It really is. Attributes avoid copies or extra operations, values are calculated once, so no matter how many you use they will be performant friendly.


Yes! Attributes are super optimized and only take a maximum of 12 bytes while replicating.

This basically means you can replicate thousands at the same time!

Test Project

You can download a Test project from the marketplace page to see and test the Plugin.

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