Modifiers change the base value of an attribute depending on 3 different factors.

Modifier Factors


Scalar Increment

Adds a value directly to the attribute.

Scalar Factor

Modifiers should usually be used from a variable (of type Attr Modifier) if you want to be able to remove them from Attributes

Percentage Increment

Adds a percentage of the last value of the attribute.

Percentage Factor

Percentage Factor 2

Base Percentage Increment

Similar to Percentage except that this percentage is based on the original value.

Base Percentage Factor

Application order

Modifiers are applied into an attribute following the next rules of priority:

  1. Modifier Category - Check Modifier Categories

  2. Order - The order at which modifiers are applied.

    Adding "ModA" and "ModB" to the same category will result in "ModA" being applied before.

In a future release: Categories may specify if attributes should apply first last mods on the same category.

Modifier Categories

Modifier categories are used to specify modifier application order. Depending on the genre of a game this can be a key feature that we didn't want to miss.

With a configuration where "Buff" is more important than "Aura", a "Buff" attribute will be applied before an "Aura" modifier.

For example:

Category Priority

Categories can also be stored as variables of type "Attr Category"

Adding & Removing Categories

Categories can be edited from Project Settings -> Game -> Attributes Remember, their order matter. First categories are applied first on attributes.

Categories Settings

Categories can't be modified in runtime.

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